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Companies Who Store Medical Records in Sacramento

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Our members in Sacramento are among the largest and oldest locally owned and operated Medical Records Management Companies. Some members have over 20 years of experience in the off-site storage of confidential and critical patient information storage.

- Secure File Storage

- Pick-up and Delivery Service

- On-line access to records

- Document Destruction Services

- Equipment and Media Destruction

- Records Retention Consulting

- Media vault for magnetic media storage and rotation services

- Document Imaging/Scan-On-Demand

The following are a number of inquiries we have received from medical institutions regarding medical records storage services. Do you have similar needs and are looking for solutions? If so, call a few of the members of the medical records storage association in your area now.

  • We are considering looking for a storage company to store medical records. Would like some quotes/prices.
  • We are a dialysis clinic,looking for a medical record storage facility in this metropolitan area. Currently we have about 15 boxes of 2x2 cuft.
  • Looking for storage facility of approximately 600 sq ft.
  • I am a physician and I am relocating. I need information on medical records storage for patient charts from my closing practice, cost, etc.
  • four restaurants in the DC area. Each has about 30-50 banker boxes that need to be moved and stored. We would add about 12-14 more boxes once/year and some of the older information could be destroyed.
  • We have a customer looking for document storage services in the DC area. Is this something you can help with? If so, please let me know and I'll forward you their contact info.

Patient Chart Storage Companies in Long Beach

The chart storage companies in the group in the Long Beach area offer economical medical records storage, a temperature and humidity controlled digital media vault and tape rotation services. We also provide business continuity planning and ensure you are meeting HIPAA compliance regulations. With scan-on-demand services same day retrievals and 24 hour a day 7 day a week access, you will be able to obtain your information whenever you need it. For secure storage of healthcare records, legal documents, data tapes and business documents look no further than our member's off-site storage facility.

Clinics, hospitals and other medical offices have already contracted with offsite medical records storage service providers. The following are a number of ACTUAL QUOTES from medical institutions looking for storage. If you have similar needs, please contact the record storage companies near you to request proposals.

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  • I\'m looking for document storage for about 200 boxes of medical records. What is your cost/month & your retrieval fees. I appreciate your help.
  • We are looking in to the safe storage for our medical record hard copy files. I would like for you to e-mail me information about price and policy. Thank you
  • Need a quote for storage of medical records and xrays currently stored with xxxx xxxxxxxx. We currently use 855 cubic feet of storage with large multinational company.
  • Medical record storage services
  • I am looking to store old files in a different manner than we do currently, and am looking at off-site storage a. I would like a quote for this service please. I have approximately three 5’ tall x 1.5’ wide file cabinets with 4 drawers each. About ½ the space is taken up with file folders, the other half with 1” 3 ring binders that are relatively full. Even a ballpark figure would be acceptable, as I am trying to get an idea of the cost of this option at this point. I would prefer to be contacted by email.
  • Looking for a new vendor for off-site storage. Currently have 1,142 boxes in storage.

Patient Chart Storage Companies in Long Beach click on this link..In other parts of the USA, click here to find Cost of Storing Medical Charts .

Patient Chart Storing Companies in Burlingame

The associates of Medical Records Storage Companies of America in Burlingame are well equipped and staffed to bring the secure offsite patient information storage solutions to your unique document issues. We offer a variety of services and products designed to be simple to implement and flexible enough to suit your needs providing you with not just a cost effective solution but with the correct solution.

Do you need medical file storage? The following are quotes from others like you who needed storage and contacted our members for description of services offered and quotes.

  • I have about 5000 patient medical charts that need storage. I have heard of services that in response to record requests will pull records, copy, bill the patient and mail records? Do you provide this service?
  • Need a quote for storage of medical records and xrays currently stored with a multinational storage company who doesn't care any more about customer service. We currently use 855 cubic feet of storage.
  • I am with Doctor's. We have approximately 200 boxes of records that we need to begin putting into storage. I would like a quote on the monthly fee and a quote for picking them up and getting started. Thank you.
  • We are considering looking for a storage company to store medical records. Would like some quotes/prices.
  • looking for fireproof/waterproof storage of beta tapes of television shows
  • currently seeking an offsite records company to store our medical records. I am asking for prices and services that are offered. If you could send me any information in regards to your company it will be appreciated. Thank You!
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Price of Storing Patient Charts in San Mateo

The association member in San Mateo have been designing, installing and providing support for chart Storage and Management Systems and Solutions. We help companies track manage store and purge chart intelligently quickly and economically.

Companies starting off-site medical record storage programs have been calling our members for years. These are the types of jobs they need complete. Please call the members of the association in your area now and tell them what you need to have done. Here Are Actual Quotes From Customers:

  • I am looking for a vendor quote for storage and scanning of medical records. I would like to know the costs of storage, retrieval, scanning, data back up, electronic storage, purging and delivery for your company. I am in the process of potentially switching vendors and I would like to see a comparison of costs.
  • Medical record storage services
  • i am interested in storage for medical records - thank you
  • am on the ground level of assessing my options and need a BASIC cost idea. Thanks
  • We are looking for a local company we can send our documents to store. We also want to know if you can pickup, which is where the power plant is located. We are looking at starting this service the beginning of next year.
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