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Patient Chart Storing Companies in Burlingame

The associates of Medical Records Storage Companies of America in Burlingame are well equipped and staffed to bring the secure offsite patient information storage solutions to your unique document issues. We offer a variety of services and products designed to be simple to implement and flexible enough to suit your needs providing you with not just a cost effective solution but with the correct solution.

Do you need medical file storage? The following are quotes from others like you who needed storage and contacted our members for description of services offered and quotes.

  • I have about 5000 patient medical charts that need storage. I have heard of services that in response to record requests will pull records, copy, bill the patient and mail records? Do you provide this service?
  • Need a quote for storage of medical records and xrays currently stored with a multinational storage company who doesn't care any more about customer service. We currently use 855 cubic feet of storage.
  • I am with Doctor's. We have approximately 200 boxes of records that we need to begin putting into storage. I would like a quote on the monthly fee and a quote for picking them up and getting started. Thank you.
  • We are considering looking for a storage company to store medical records. Would like some quotes/prices.
  • looking for fireproof/waterproof storage of beta tapes of television shows
  • currently seeking an offsite records company to store our medical records. I am asking for prices and services that are offered. If you could send me any information in regards to your company it will be appreciated. Thank You!
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