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Our records centers offer economical records storage a temperature and humidity controlled digital We also provide business continuity planning and ensure you are meeting compliance regulations.  We also have free secured web access to your inventory available for your convenience.  For secure storage of healthcare records, legal documents, data tapes and business documents look no further than our off-site storage facility.

Visitors to the medical chart storage association websites are asked ""What Can We Do For You"". Here are a number of their responses. Do you have similar needs and if so call a couple of the members in your area to find out what can be done for you too.

  • I am looking for a quote on how much it would cost to store medical records and if they are accessible electronically?
  • I need to store about 250 boxes from Walnut Creek, 500 from Santa Rosa, and 300 from Oakland, 100 charts in Walnut creek. Do you have regular pick up days, deliveries, etc. what are your prices? can you email me a price sheet?
  • Closing practice, need quote for storage of paper charts & also EMR data base.
  • store old records, but will also need copies of some charts as patients come back into our office,
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Is it less expensive to scan patient charts or use a professional offsite storage company?

It is cheaper to store a box (or a hundred boxes) versus scanning them. Storing a box is usually less than 50 cents per month per box.  Depending on the number of color documents, xrays, two sided documents, scanning a box of charts is probably between $100 and $250 per box.  The issue between scanning and storage is how many times will you be retrieving a chart before it is destroyed.  If the file is for an inactive patient, then by most standards, storage is by far most cost effective way of dealing with the medical charts.

However, once you start retrieving the charts, the cost evens out fast.  If you need to look at one chart that is stored off-site, that cost might be $5.00 to $15 to retrieve. You only have to retrieve 5 to 20 charts over time to even out the costs of storage and scanning. Most record storage companies offer a scan on demand service.  You call for the patient chart you want and the record storage company scans it and emails it back to you.  This may also be an effective way to handle medical charts. 

Lastly record storage costs are often paid monthly.  The cost to scan a number of boxes of medical records can cost thousands and is generally paid at the time of scanning.

If the amount of time it takes to retrieve a document is critical, then consider scanning.  If you need the file immediately with no advance notice, then scan.  If more than one person at a time needs access to the file at one time, then scanning might be the only solution for you.

Call the professional chart storage companies in your area to discuss all the benefits and drawbacks of medical record storage as it relates to the usage of your files.