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Our members of Medical Records Storage Companies of America in San Francisco are the leading providers of Medical Records Services and Information Management Services. The members of Medical Record Storage Companies of America have facilities, services, procedures and leading edge technology that guarantees that clients receive superior service at competitive rates.

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Our members provide exceptional service, superior solutions and developing innovative technology products that create long term value for our customers.Visitors to the medical chart storage association websites are asked ""What Can We Do For You"". Here are a number of their responses. Do you have similar needs and if so call a couple of the members in your area to find out what can be done for you too.

  • I need to have storage for records of physicians that have left the practice.
  • Community Health Center that is going out of business. Need record storage for some paper health records (@100boxes), and electronic medical records (e-clinical is s/w and will be on external hard drive) Law HIPAA and VA law 8 yrs adults and 18 yrs minors
  • Our practice purchased the assets of a retiring physician which includes all of patient charts. I have 64 paper boxes with medical record charts and 1 box with insurance EOBs. Can you please provide me with a quote to store this charts, as well as the cost associated with file retrieval. Thank you.
  • How much do you charge to store paper medical records? Do you charge by box or by chart? What is the process to retrieve records
  • Interested in Medical Records Storage. A medical records storage service provider is the place to store any item which contains a patient's information. The most common of these items is the patient chart or medical records. Often missed information about the patient include their xrays and diagnostic tests. These should also be stored professionally and under lock and key 24/7/365 as specified by HIPAA and other government requirements.

Trust your clinic's, hospitals or doctor offices, medical records storage to an off-site medical records storage company who is familiar with HIPAA and complies with all the standards required by HIPAA. Call now to get quotes for your medical file storage.