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Cost of Storing Patient Charts San Diego

Our confidential medical records storage members in San Diego provide commercial patient storage services, including secure and confidential storage of business records. Our members offer secured records storage services to the business community, medical institutions, government entities and more.

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The following are a number of inquiries we have received from medical institutions regarding medical records storage services. Do you have similar needs and are looking for solutions? If so, call a few of the members of the medical records storage association in your area now.

  • New record storage service provider needed for storing medical charts 100 ft linear, 13 inches width, climate control, fire proof, personal access needed.
  • Medical record storage services
  • We are considering looking for a storage company to store medical records. Would like some quotes/prices.
  • We are looking to store files from about 2008 and prior ( Bank binders, AP files, monthly closing binders etc).I'm not sure how many boxes we would need, maybe about 10-20? We would only need to access them 1-2X per year at most. Please let me know if you could give some sort of estimate/explanation how it would work
  • Looking for a new vendor for off-site storage. Currently have 1,142 boxes in storage.
  • We are interested in off site storage options for our records. Please provide pricing for your services.