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Our chart storage associates in Riverside have facilities that are equipped to store all types of important patient information including box storage, tape and media storage. Our patient Records and data media storage services allow clinics, hospitals and labs to save money and get organized. Our members have experience managing documents off-site. Within our record centers, we manage file containers with sensitive data stored in a secure climate controlled environment. In a time of rapid industry consolidation our members stand apart by providing premium services with a local touch.

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The following are a number of inquiries we have received from medical institutions regarding medical records storage services. Do you have similar needs and are looking for solutions? If so, call a few of the members of the medical records storage association in your area now.

  • We are a small outpatient psychotherapy practice. We have about 50 banker boxes worth of patient files that we store in our basement. If our business were to shut down, do you provide long-term storage of records and retrieval of information in response to direct patient requests? These records have to be kept at least seven years. Thank you.
  • I would like to get information including cost for storage of medical records
  • We are looking in to the safe storage for our medical record hard copy files. I would like for you to e-mail me information about price and policy. Thank you
  • I am looking for a vendor quote for storage and scanning of medical records. I would like to know the costs of storage, retrieval, scanning, data back up, electronic storage, purging and delivery for your company. I am in the process of potentially switching vendors and I would like to see a comparison of costs.
  • I am a physician and I am relocating. I need information on medical records storage for patient charts from my closing practice, cost, etc.
  • am on the ground level of assessing my options and need a BASIC cost idea. Thanks

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